When I first saw this work: “Wow! Way to simple!” I wished I had figured this out. Works excellent. I’m lubing my chain way too often now. Real piece of mind. Jacques P. – Calgary, Alberta
Thanks PackJack. Wonderful product. I tried stealing your idea from the web and making my own. I wasted a full day and $50 on aluminium that I eventually just threw away. Great engineering, Great product, and Great price. Wayne B. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
I was a little sceptical when I first saw this. It looked too simple. But after seeing the video, at that price, I figured it was at least worth a try. Well it works. Plain and simple, it does what it is supposed to. It's not the prettiest tool I own, but then again, it’s a tool. Pretty doesn't count for much in my toolbox, but this never gets into my toolbox. It’s under my seat with me all the time. Nice product. Fixed a long time problem for all us sport bike riders. Darel B. – Airdrie, Alberta
Way to go guys. I may be called “Chain Anal” but I clean and lube after every ride. It has never been so quick and easy. Worked perfectly on my R6 and now, just as well on my Super Duke. By the way, I have 30,000km on my current bike and I have never had to replace a chain or sprocket on this one or any other bike I've owned. Adam C. - Black Diamond, Alberta
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