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PackJack is Finally Here!

Save Money! Gain Horsepower! Be Safe!

The take-along stand that allows you to clean, lubricate, adjust, and maintain your chain anywhere, anytime. So incredibly portable and simple that you will never overlook chain maintenance again.

PackJack Size Comparison

Small enough to take with you anywhere. Stick in your pocket, store under your seat, or keep in your backpack or tank bag. Constructed from lightweight anodized aluminium. Only 9.5 Ounces and 1” X 2” X 7”.

From storage to having your bike jacked up in 10 seconds. No assembly required.

Large footprint for great stability. Works with all dual swingarm sport-bikes.

Every PackJack is hand made in North America and comes with a PackJack Sack.

PackJack is the Only Answer!

Your sportbike has become increasingly complicated. Without specialized equipment, you can only do minor maintenance like oil changes, tire pressure adjustments, and chain lubrication. Oil changes and tire pressure checks are simple with normal tools.

Chain maintenance requires special equipment and must be done often. Weekly, or every 200-300 miles. If your chain is not properly cleaned, lubed and adjusted, you will be spending serious dollars on replacement chains and sprockets; and the labour to install them.

Not to mention the reduction in power at the rear wheel. Up to 17% power loss with a poorly lubricated chain. Gas mileage goes the same way. And you especially don’t want a dried out chain snapping and taking your leg off at 70 mph.

Your girlfriend pushing your crotch rocket down the back alley while you chase her with a can of aerosol lube just doesn't cut it anymore.

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